Saturday, September 25, 2010

USA - Idaho - Barns of the Palouse (1)

Scattered among the gently rolling hills of Idaho and Washington's fertile Palouse area, you'll find small villages and farms. No farms was complete with it's barn. Here are just a few examples of those stately old structures.

Sent by Kori & Alessa, a WiP partner from Idaho, USA.

This is from Wikipedia : The Palouse is a region of the northwestern United States, encompassing parts of southeastern Washington, north central Idaho and, in some definitions, extending south into northeast Oregon. It is a major agricultural area, primarily producing wheat and legumes. Situated about 160 miles (250 kilometers) north of the Oregon Trail, the region experienced rapid growth in the late 19th century, for a brief time surpassed the population of the Puget Sound region of Washington. The region is home to two land grant universities, the University of Idaho in Moscow and Washington State University in Pullman. Located just eight miles (13 km) apart, both schools opened in the early 1890s.

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