Friday, October 15, 2010

Netherlands - De Gekroonde Poelenburg, Zaandam

Zaanse Schans
De Gekroonde Poelenburg

Sent by Astrid, a postcrosser from the Netherlands. Below is the view of the mosque from Astrid's window :)

This is from Wikipedia : De (Gekroonde) Poelenburg is the name of a saw mill, located in the Zaanse Schans, in the municipality of Zaanstad.

The mill has an eventful life behind. The original was probably Poelenburg 1731 built in Zaandam East. After the mill burned in 1903, the Paltrok 'The Locomotion' at the site of the Poelenburg put down.

"The Locomotion" was built in 1866/1867 in Koog aan de Zaan. The Locomotion from the movement went through life as "The Crowned Poelenburg" or simply "The Poelenburg. The mill was started 50s in operation before moving rapidly into decline. The mill was in Zaandam-Oost not restored, but was in 1963 moved to the then nascent museum in "De Zaanse Schans' and there from the ground up rebuilt. The mill lost while the original old Zaans-green color was black and tarred.

In 2005 under the mill was commissioned by the owner The Association Zaansche Mill a major restoration with the woodwork again in the original pot lid was affixed. The new woodwork on this occasion was also back with the old color so the mill instead of a sober black appearance one of the most colorful buildings on the Schans has become.

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