Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Bashkortostan Republic - Stone Mosque

An old photo (1914) of the first stone mosque built in Ufa in Baskhortostan Republic.

Sent by Nelli, a friend from Ufa.

"The first mosque in Ufa built in 1830 at Tukaeva str. near Mount Sluchevskoy initiated by Mufti Mohammedan spiritual assembly in Orenburg Gabdessalyama. Gabdrahimova – Former First Imam of the mosque Orenburg. April 29, 1827 Mufti Gabdessalyam Gabdrahimov is a plot of land for the construction of houses and mosques «empty quarter».

On May 5 1828 Mufti, was received from the municipality plan. The mosque was deployed in mid-kvartatl, and in the corners were identified sites for residential buildings, but this – in terms not specified.
The first building of the mosque was built merchant guilds second city of Ufa Mukmin Tagirov Hazmitev. The cost of construction of 12 thousand rubles silver. Stone building with a minaret has repeatedly rebuild.

In 1890, in order to build a new mosque Hayrulla Gusmanovym (1846-1907), approved for the post on April 15, 1888 for money parishioners new house was bought.

This mosque is one of the first in Russia. By the beginning of XX century, there were 920 people joining. When the mosque operates madrasas «Gusmaniya» and Russian-Bashkir College. In 1907, the mosque imam became Zhigangir Abyzgildin (with in 1912 - ahun). From 1960 to 1992, the first mosque cathedral was the only functioning mosque Ufa"(Source)

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