Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Canada - Esplanade Riel, Winnipeg

The Esplanade Riel consists of paired bridges that strengthen the connection between The Forks and the St. Boniface French Quarter, as well as a symbolic gateway between two of Winnipeg's most historically significant communities.

Sent by Hillary from Manitoba, Canada.

This is from Wikipedia : The Esplanade Riel is a pedestrian bridge located in Winnipeg, Manitoba designed by Colin Douglas Stewart of Wardrop Engineering and Étienne Gaboury, Architect and completed in 2003. It spans the Red River connecting downtown Winnipeg with St. Boniface. It is paired with a vehicular bridge, Provencher Bridge. The bridge is only one of a few in the world in that it has a restaurant (Salisbury House) on it, giving patrons an excellent view of the river and the bridge's structure. The Esplanade Riel has become a landmark and is used in many promotional materials. The bridge itself is a side-spar cable-stayed bridge. The original drawing, stamped by Colin Douglas Stewart, rests in the Engineering building of the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg.

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