Thursday, April 7, 2011

Jicarilla Cowboy

Jicarilla Cowboy
This photo, titled "Jicarilla Cowboy" by Curtis, shows a Jicarilla Apache man dressed in a combination of traditional tribal ornamentation and cowboy accessories. The Jicarilla, the most northern of all the Apache groups, are situated in New Mexico on and around the Continental Divide.

Seny by Cerridwen, a postcrosser from Arizona, USA.

This is from Wikipedia : Jicarilla Apache refers to an Apache people currently living in New Mexico and speak a Southern Athabaskan language. The term jicarilla comes from Mexican Spanish meaning "little basket." Their autonym is Ndee or Dine'é, meaning "the People." To neighboring Apache bands like the Mescalero and Lipan they were known as Kinya-Inde ("People who live in fixed houses"). They are enrolled in the Jicarilla Apache Nation.

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