Friday, July 1, 2011

Belgium - Ghent Flower Show

The Ghent Flower Show

Sent by Piet, a postcrosser from Belgium.

"Once, every 5 years, the city of Gent bursts into bloom with the Gentse Floralien, The Ghent Flower Show/Floralies of Ghent, earning the city the nickname “City of Flowers.”

This area of Flanders is home to dozens of Europe’s finest gardens, medieval villages and world famous gourmet cuisine, chocolates and beers. We will sample a selection of the area’s best gardens, enjoy the special annual opening of the Royal Glasshouses and the gardens of Groot–Bijgaarden (one of the largest Spring flower displays outside of Holland) each only opened to the public for a few weeks each year.

There's the stunning spectacular that is Keukenhof and Holland’s famed bulb fields. We've the National Botanial Gardens of Belgium, Kalmthout Arboretum and several small, local gardens to discover plus the gems Leuven, Antwerp and Delft.

All of this plus the annual Keukenhof Flower Parade and a full day at the Ghent Flower Show, the Floralies. This certainly is a tour for garden lovers not to miss!"(Source)

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