Wednesday, September 21, 2011

USA - Maryland - Ocean City

Each year, hundreds of thousands of vacationers flock to Ocean City, on the southern tip of Maryland's Eastern Shore. In 1933, a severe storm formed the prime real estate now referred to as the inlet, featuring 10 miles of the best shite-sand beaches on the East Coast. Proudly honored as an All-American City in 2001, Ocean City has long been called "The east Coast's Number One Family Resort."

Sent by Rose, a WiP partner from USA.

This is from Wikipedia : Ocean City, sometimes known as OC, or OCMD, is an Atlantic Ocean resort town in Worcester County, Maryland, United States. Ocean City is widely known in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States and is a frequent destination for vacationers in that area. The population was 7,173 at the 2000 census, although during summer weekends the city hosts between 320,000 and 345,000 vacationers.

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