Thursday, March 22, 2012

Dominica - Sari Sari Falls

A 30 minute hike from the east coast village of La Plaine leads to this stunning waterfall.

Sent by Gilles of Belgium who visited Dominica in early March.

"Located on the East coast of Dominica, Sari Sari are one of the most magnificent waterfalls in Dominica. Easily accessed through a 20-25 minutes hike following the river course.

Drive to the town of Laplaine south of Rosalie and take main street of this town driving west direction. You will recognize this street by a supermarket (Charlo’s Ecomart) which sits at the corner of the highway to Rosalie. Follow this street untill not possible to continue, park your car there.

At the beginning of the trail to Sari Sari falls you may be approached by the rasta guide Mr.Brown self-proclaimed the most popular guide in the area. Believe him or not, it’s always your choice to hire a local guide or not.

The hike to Sari Sari begins crossing a banana field and a clearing with a few wondering cows. Don’t panic if you don’t see an obvious path, keep walking North (or follow the sound of the river as you wish) and give credit to your intuition.You will quickly find a steep slope leading down to Sari Sari River.

Once down in the river just follow the river up across the lush rainforest, there is a clearly stepped in path next to it. You will need to cross the river Goge at least three times to get to Sari Sari falls. Overall this hike is very easy and should fit every age and fitness level, just pay attention to the slippery rocks. The last part of the trail requires you to climb a couple of challenging boulders, this is the only spicy section of the trail, however the impressive falls are visible from this point and you may choose to stay down."(Source)

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