Thursday, May 2, 2013

Belarus - Vitebsk

The down town.

Sent by Aliaksei, a postcrosser from Vitebsk, Belarus.

Vitebsk (BelarusianВі́цебскŁacinkaViciebskpronounced [ˈvʲitsʲepsk]RussianВи́тебскpronounced [ˈvʲitʲɪpsk]Polish:Witebsk), is a city in Belarus. The capital of the Vitebsk Oblast, in 2004 it had 342,381 inhabitants, making it the country's fourth largest city. It is served by Vitebsk Vostochny Airport and Vitebsk air base.

Vitebsk developed from a river harbor where the Vitba River (Віцьба, from which it derives its name) flows into the larger Western Dvina, which is spanned in the city by the Kirov Bridge.
Its official founding year is 947 , based on an anachronistic legend that it was founded by Olga of Kiev, but the first mention in historical record is in 1021, when Yaroslav the Wise of Kiev gave it to Bryachislav Izyaslavich, Prince ofPolotsk. (read further)

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