Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Chile - Hielos Del Lago Grey

Grey Glacier. Southern Patagonia Icefield.
You can get there by doing trekking surrounding the Grey Lake (7 hours), or sailing through the same lake (3 hours), watching part of the Cuernos del Paine (Horns of Paine). It is possible to make a toast with the millennial ice during the sailing.

Sent by my great friend Hernán from Santiago in Chile. Thanks for the beautiful and unusual size of postcard.

This is from Wikipedia : The Southern Patagonia Ice Field (Spanish: Hielos Continentales or Campo de Hielo Sur), located at the Southern Patagonic Andes between Argentina and Chile, is the second largest contiguous extrapolar extent of ice (ice field) in the world. It is the bigger of two remnant parts of the Patagonian Ice Sheet, which covered all of southern Chile during the Last glacial period, locally called the Llanquihue glaciation.

The Southern Patagonian Ice Field extends from parallels 48° 20′ S to 51° 30′ S for approximately 350 kilometres, and has an area of 16,800 km², of which roughly 14,000 km² fall within Chile and 2,500 km² within Argentina.

The ice mass feeds dozens of glaciers in the area, among which are the Upsala (902 km²), Viedma (978 km²) and Perito Moreno (258 km²) in the Los Glaciares National Park in Argentina, and the Pío XI Glacier or Bruggen Glacier (1,265 km², the biggest and longest in the southern hemisphere outside of Antarctica), O'Higgins (820 km²), Grey (270 km²) and Tyndall (331 km²) in Chile. The glaciers going to the west flow into the fjords of the Patagonian channels of the Pacific Ocean; those going to the East flow into the Patagonian lakes Viedma and Argentino, and eventually, through the rivers de la Leona and Santa Cruz, to the Atlantic Ocean.

An important part of the ice field is protected under different national parks, such as the Bernardo O'Higgins and Torres del Paine in Chile, and the aforementioned Los Glaciares in Argentina.

There are several volcanoes under the glaciers, such as Lautaro Volcano. (Read more)

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