Sunday, January 26, 2014

Guess The Country And Win A Postcard From Hard-To-Get Country

We are offering a postcard from really a hard-to-get country for one who guesses correctly the country/territory in which the above postcard was sent from.  

The postcard is still on its way to our mailbox.  Whether it reaches us or not, the one who guesses correctly will win this contest.

The deadline is when there is a winner or until Saturday, 25th January 2014, 23.59 p.m. (Malaysian time), whichever comes first.

Type your answer in the comment section.

The winner will be notified here.

We will publish the winner in the comment section.

Rules :-
1. You can only give one answer in a comment section. If you answer twice or more, only the first answer is counted.
2. ANONYMOUS can enter this contest at your own risk.
3. There will be only ONE winner.
4. Our friends who we promised to send you a postcard from this hard-to-get country are not eligible for this contest.

THE CLUE : The country/territory that we have not received yet.


Moniek said...

How about Comoros?

Anonymous said...

Western Sahara?

TJ AND ALIA said...

Anonymous 4.00 a.m., 23 Jan 2014.
U are rite, pls mail me your address, you won a postcard from Pitcairn Islands. You have to be quick in sending your address.

Moniek said...


Anonymous said...

Wow I'm delighted! I sent an email to you. My email is