Thursday, March 10, 2011

Chile - Condorito

Condorito, a condor with the personality of a common Chilean guy.

Sent by my great friend Hernán from Santiago, Chile.

This is from Wikipedia : Condorito is a comic strip that features an anthropomorphic condor living in a fictitious town named Pelotillehue — a typical small Chilean provincial town. He is meant to be a representation of the Latin American people.

Condorito was created by the Chilean cartoonist René Ríos, known as Pepo. In spite of his Chilean origin, Condorito is very popular throughout Latin America, where the character is considered part of the general popular culture, and has a growing readership in the United States as well[citation needed]. Condorito and his friends appear in a daily comic strip.

The structure of Condorito is very simple: each page is an independent joke, without any continuity with others (though some jokes are larger or shorter than one page). The jokes are often sexist or male chauvinistic in nature, and some of the details included in the artwork are gender-dependent, but the humor is usually couched in double-entendres that children would be unlikely to understand.

One peculiar characteristic of Condorito is that the character that goes through the embarrassing moment and/or serves as the butt of the joke in a given strip almost always falls backwards to the floor (legs visible or out of frame) in the final panel, although new comic strips have now put the victim of the joke looking at the reader instead. This classic comic strip "flop take" is accompanied by a free-fall onomatopoeic sound (usually ¡Plop!). From time to time, this is replaced by the victim of the joke saying ¡Exijo una explicación! ("I demand an explanation!"), usually as a twist or downbeat ending.

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