Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Poland - Fontanna Neptuna

Fontanna Neptuna or Neptune's Fountain in Gdańsk.

Sent by Magdalena, a postcrosser from Gdańsk in Poland.

"Neptune's Fountain, in the center of Dlugi Targ (the Long Market) has grown to be one of Gdansk's most recognizable symbols. The bronze statue of the Roman god of the sea was first erected in 1549, before being aptly made into a fountain in 1633. Like the city he represents, Neptune has had a storied history, himself - dismantled and hidden during World War II, old Neptune didn't come out of hiding until 1954 when he was restored to his rightful place in the heart of the city, reminding us of Gdansk's relationship to the sea. Chances are you've already had your photo taken with this mighty trident-wielding behemoth, or will soon. The colourful buildings of Dlugi Targ make a great backdrop for any photo-op, so flash those gums and say 'cheese!"(Source)

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