Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Senegal - Casamance

Multiviews of Casamance.

Sent by our pal Sidibe from Senegal.

This is from Wikipedia : Casamance (Portuguese: Casamança) is the area of Senegal south of The Gambia including the Casamance River. It consists of Basse Casamance (Baixa Casamança Lower Casamance) (Ziguinchor Region) and Haute Casamance (Alta Casamança Upper Casamance) (Kolda and Sédhiou Regions). The largest city of Casamance is Ziguinchor.

The Casamance was subject to both French and Portuguese colonial efforts before a border was negotiated in 1888 between the French colony of Senegal and Portuguese Guinea (now Guinea-Bissau) to the south. Portugal lost possession of Casamance, then the commercial hub of its colony. Casamance, to this day, has preserved the local variant of Kriol known as Ziguinchor Creole, and the members of the deep-rooted Creole community carry Portuguese surnames like Da Silva, Carvalho and Fonseca. Interest in Portuguese colonial heritage has been revived in order to exalt a distinct identity[citation needed], particularly of Baixa Casamança.

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