Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Cherry Blossom

Sent by Maika, a postcrosser from Japan. This postcard shows a flower called Cherry Blossom.

This is from Wikipedia : A cherry blossom is the name for the flower of cherry trees known as Sakura (Japanese kanji : 桜 or 櫻; hiragana: さくら) in Japanese. In English, the word "sakura" is equivalent to the Japanese flowering cherry. Cherry fruit (known in Japanese as sakuranbo) comes from another species of tree.

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Cynthia and Sebastiaan said...

Hi there,
Here is mentalistfan78 from SwapBot, following your blog via the swap 'follow-your-blog'. I love the cards you have on it! The one from Emmen is cute!
Love, mentalistfan78