Wednesday, April 14, 2010


The third of the three postcards sent by Sebastián from Argentina. This one shows a gaucho performing a traditional dance called Malambo.

This is from TravelSur : Malambo was born in the Pampas around the 1600. Malambo es a peculiar native dance that is executed by men only. Its music has no lyrics and it is based entirely on rythm. The malambo dancer is a master of tap dancing wearing gaucho's boots. Among the most important malambo moves are: " la cepillada" (the foot sole brushes the ground), "el repique" (a strike to the floor using the back part of the boot) and the " floreos". Malambo dancers' feet barely touch the ground but all moves are energetic and complex. Together with tap dancing, malambo dancers use " boleadoras" and other aids such as "lazos". Like 'Payadas" for gauchos (improv singing), malambo was *the* competition among gaucho dancers.

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