Saturday, April 17, 2010


It have never come to my mind of knowing someone from Melilla until I stumbled upon one ad in Facebook discussion group. So, this is a postcard from Melilla, sent by José Manuel, stamped and postmarked from Melilla.

This is from Wikipedia : Melilla (Tarifit: Tamelilt/Mritch, meaning "the white one") is an autonomous Spanish city located on the Mediterranean, on the north coast of North Africa. It was regarded as a part of Málaga province prior to 14 March 1995, when the city's Statute of Autonomy was passed.

Melilla was a free port before Spain joined the European Union. As of 2008 it has a population of 71,448. Its population consists of Christians, Muslims (chiefly Berber), and small minorities of Jews. Both Spanish and Tarifit-Berber are widely spoken. Spanish is the official language, while there have been calls to recognize Berber as well

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