Saturday, April 17, 2010

Germany - Schloss Auerbach

Fortress Urberg - the most important castle building of the high count of Katzelbogen
Between the river Main to the north, the river Neckar in the south and the river Rhine to the east and about 50 km south of Frankfurt, between Darmstadt and Heidelberg, lies the castle Auerbach with its replicate high double towers situated on a 339,7 meter hill of the Oberrheinischen Tiefebene. In the north it is protected from rough northern winds by the highest hill of the Bergstraße, the Melibokus( 517,4 m).

Sent by Andre, a postcrosser from Bocholt in Germany. I blogged this one after two days late because I couldn't find the resource to this until Andre sent the link. Thanks Andre.

Castle Auerbach is located on above the climatic health resort Bensheim- Auerbach, amidst the warmest and sunniest area of Germany. Auerbach in Hessen and Auerbach on the Bergstraße were former names for the area. Earlier in medieval times it had been called "Urbach" with a different spelling.

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