Thursday, May 6, 2010

Austria - Linz an der Donau - Brucknerhaus

Sent by Patrik from Straßwalchen in Austria. This postcard shows Brucknerhaus, a musician hall in Linz, named after famous composer Anton Bruckner.

This is from Wikipedia : Brucknerhaus is a festival and congress centre in Linz, Austria, named after the Austrian composer Anton Bruckner, home for the Ars Electronica festival and Brucknerfest. Built from 1969 to 1973. Opened on 23 March 1974. Holds about 200 performances per year, with about 180,000 of total audience.

Brucknerhaus has 3 main halls:

Large or Brucknersaal (named after Anton Bruckner): 1,420 seats, standing room for 150
Middle or Stiftersaal (named after Adalbert Stifter): 352 seats, standing room for 40
Small or Keplersaal (named after Johannes Kepler): 100–150 seats

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