Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Trakai; Trakai Island Castle, the Audience Hall, and the Inner Yard.

Sent by Violeta from Kaunas in Lithuania.

This is from Wikipedia : Trakai (Trakai) is a historic city and lake resort in Lithuania. It lies 28 km west of Vilnius, capital of Lithuania. Because of its proximity to Vilnius, Trakai is a popular tourist destination. Trakai is the administrative centre of Trakai district municipality. The town covers 11.52 km2 of area and, according to 2007 estimates, is inhabited by 5,357 people. A notable feature of Trakai is that the town was built and preserved by people of different nationalities. Historically, communities of Karaims, Tatars, Lithuanians, Russians, Jews and Poles lived here side by side.

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