Friday, July 30, 2010

The Charreria

The Charreria first began as part of the work of farm laborers and to control the cattle. Today, with set rules it is recognized as the national sport.

Sent by Irma, a Facebook friend from Guadalajara in Mexico.

Charreria is the national sport of Mexico. It is a distinct style of horsemanship, which evolved during the time of the hacienda system. The sport requires bulls to be caught and thrown down via their tails. With the fall of the hacienda system, the charros were determined to keep their traditions alive. In 1921, they established the Asociacion Nacional de Charros. Charreria was the inspiration for the Mexican and American type of rodeo.

The present charreada, or Mexican rodeo, is performed in a circular arena. Sportsmen wear the charro costume during the performance. At least two teams fight off against each other.

The Mexican rodeo is made up of several events, with nine male events and one female event. Winners do not receive any money, but occasionally, prizes, such as saddles, are given out. (Read more)

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