Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Statue Of St. George

Statue of St. George in The Freedom Square, Tbilisi, Georgia.

Sent by Khatuna, a facebook friend from Tbilisi in Georgia.

The St. George Statue erected on the central square of the city was set up in 2006.the author of the 60 meter statue is the famous Georgia sculptor Zurab Tsereteli who gave the statue to the city free.

The opening ceremony of the statue coincided with November 23 –St. George feast and the date of rose revolution 3rd anniversary. At the foot of the newly erected statue the concert was held on that day.

The statue is easily spotted from any point of the city. The high colon decorated with Ion column top supports the statue of the saint on the horseback. The gilded statue attracts attention even from the far distance.

The statue symbolically depicts the victory of kind over the evil. The iconographic style of the saint is widely spread and is even on the coat of arm of Georgia.

It should be noted that hitherto the depiction of the saint in the form of the round statue did not exist in Georgia. And we can freely say that St. George statue is the first such occasion.

The statue is called the statue of freedom as well as. The saint is considered to be symbol of strength and victory. The St. George statue is the symbol of freedom and independence for the Georgian nation. Source.

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