Saturday, August 21, 2010

Brazil - Joaquina Beach

Florianópolis, Santa Catarina Island.

Sent by Rafael, a postcrosser from Florianópolis, an island in the south of Brazil.

"Joaquina beach belongs to the Eastern part of Florianopolis which is the capital of Santa Catarina, a state in South Brazil. The beach is located across Avenida das Rendeiras avenue which is a very popular road in the city and also not too far from the downtown, can be easily found and is only a few minutes’ walk away. Joaquina beach is famous for its Samba Club which is one of the best in Florianopolis. Beautiful and huge waves form in the beach where visitors can surf unlimited. The waves are world class and even larger than other beaches offering a tremendous surfing experience. But surfers should be careful while surfings as the waves are humongous and powerful that could entangle them in the waves. Thus it is advised that only experienced surfers venture into the sea during the high waves. What more the beach offers consistent surf days, allowing surfing 150 days a year. The wind direction in Joaquina beach is usually north or northeast. The length of the waves can be as short as 50 meter on a normal day and can go as long as 300 meter on a good day.

The best time to go to Joaquina beach is week days on which it is less crowded. The beach is overcrowded on weekends and should be avoided. When it comes to surfing, if one goes little bit south you can avoid huge crowds and surf. Some visitors also like to surf in the middle of the beach and some in between coast cliff and large rocks, both very enjoyable. Apart from surfing one can enjoy the sandy dunes of the beach, kite surf, body board, trek, horse-ride, beautiful girls, succulent food, cheap beer and what not.

While driving to Joaquina beach visitors should not miss Kauai a store which sells surf boards and accessories which is one of the cheapest. One of the striking features of the shop is a sign on the shop which displays the current wave condition in the beach and alerts the visitors in advance. The Joaquina beach authority conducts frequent surfing competitions especially during the summers. Joaquina beach also has many good bars, restaurants, lodgings and hotels for the visitors. While Joaquina beach is generally safe visitors should beware of some locals who can show attitude and also create problems to the visitors. It is also advised to park the cars in those parking lots where there is a security arrangement and also stay away from showing CD player to everyone." (Source)

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