Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Isle of Man - Santon Gorge

Santon Gorge in Isle Of Man. This is the point at which the Santon Burn enters the sea, through this small but steeply sided gorge.

Sent by Emma from Isle Of Man.

Note : This is my first postcard from Isle Of Man. Thanks to my best friend Hernán in Santiago de Chile for recommending Emma to my collections.

This is from Wikipedia : Santon Burn is a water course in the Isle of Man.

This small river, or burn, has its origins in the waters of Eairy in the parish of Marown (Ordnance Survey Landranger SC296779) and enters the Irish Sea at Santon Gorge close to Cass-ny-Hawin Head and not far from the bay of Port Soldrick

The course of Santon Burn runs between the pastoral mid-island village of St. Mark's, in the parish of Malew and later via Ballalonna Glen and Fairy Bridge. The Santon Burn never enters Santon, being a border to that parish.

Salmon have been recorded as far up the burn as Ballalonna Bridge (Fairy Bridge).

In Ballalonna Glen, there is a mill race which forms part of a 15th century flour mill, now converted into a house. Downstream is the farm house, Arragon Moar, which is being converted into the new home of Dr John Taylor, inventor and founder of Strix.

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