Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Croatia - Greetings From the Homeland of the Cravat

Young men and girls tied kerchiefs around their loved ones' necks as a sign of fidelity. This spontaneous act of love spread around the world like wildfire, and these kerchiefs became known as cravats in the 17th century after the Croatian soldiers who wore them. At all contemporary weddings in the world a tie is a vital fashion accessory in all its variations (a cravat, a bow tie, a starched shirt front, a formal tie, etc). The kerchief, which the fiancee or wife tied around their husband's or fiance's neck was a sign of a lasting relationship. Today, therefore, the clothes worn by a bride and groom are deeply related. In the tradition of that original tie, Croata is recognized as the supreme expression of the fidelity, beauty and dignity of those entering into marriage, and as a symbol of the future before them. Croata ties, always so unique, personal and spontaneous, are tied around an excellent shirt and framed by a top quality Croata suit.

Sent by Zeljko, a friend from Topolovac in Croatia.

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