Wednesday, October 6, 2010

North Cyprus - Salamis Ruins

The Roman remains of Salamis in North Cyprus.

One of the three postcards sent by Mehmet from North Cyprus.

"The remains we see to day at Salamis are from the Roman period, when Salamis was the main commercial centre of Cyprus. Salamis was a base for early Christianity, as the Apostle Barnabus lived and died in the city. In 116AD the Jews in Salamis revolted, and as a result all Jews were expelled from Cyprus.

When the Byzantines took over Cyprus, Salamis became the capital of the island, but the combined disasters of earthquakes and tidal waves in the fourth century, Arab raids in the seventh century and the gradual loss of the harbour due to silt from the river meant that nearby Famagusta grew in prominence. Salamis fell into decline, with medieval builders raiding the site for building stone."(Source)

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