Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Belarus - Embankment of the Sozh

Embankment of the Sozh.

Sent by DashaSail, a postcrosser from Belarus.

This is from Wikipedia : Sozh (Belarusian: Сож, [sɔʐ]; Russian: Сож, Polish: Soż) is a river in Belarus and Russia, a left tributary of the Dnieper river. It is 648 km in length. Sozh flows through Gomel, second largest city in Belarus. The river is crossed by the Sozh Floating Bridge at Korma and an elegant steel arch at Gomel, which is featured on a national stamp.

The name was formerly Sozh' (Russian: Сожь), from Old East Slavic Съжь; suggested Baltic and Finnic etymologies are unsatisfactory, and V.A. Zhuchkevich has proposed that it is derived from Old Russian/Old Belarusian sozhzh' (сожжь) 'burned parts of a forest prepared for plowing,' which has parallels in other place names. In Persian language, the present stem of the verb 'to burn' is 'soz-', from Old Iranian root sauk- (to burn).

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