Friday, January 21, 2011

Latvia - Map of Livonia (1573)

Map of Livonia (1573).
Drawn by Johannes Portantius (? - 1577).
National History Museum of Latvia.

Sent by Liene, a postcrosser from Riga in Latvia.

"The map is compiled by a Flemish cartographer Johannes Portantius in 1573 and was first published in Abraham Ortelius’ atlas Theatrum orbis terrarum. This is the earliest preserved map of Livonia.

The map depicts the borders of Old Livonia as they historically were, but indicates outdated source data, considering the date of publication (its political division reflects the situation before the Livonian War). Unlike the other maps of that time, it outlines Estonian territory more or less correctly, although the islands are unnaturally large. Compared with previously published maps, it presents a larger number of place names (approximately 50)."(read more)

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