Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Philippines - Manila City Hall

The seat of City's government, built in 1930's, it is one of Manila's most distinctive landmarks.

Sent by Godfrey from Sarangani Province in the Philippines.

This is from Wikipedia : The Manila City Hall is one of the distinct landmarks in the capital city of Manila, in the Philippines. The edifice, with its hexagonal tower with three red-faced clock on three of its facets, received unfavorable reviews in its initial years because of its austere architectural design, lack of entrances and the placement of the clock tower. The building's floor plan had been dismissed as similar in shape to a coffin or, in the other end, like the shield of Knights Templar. Nowadays, many critics praise the design of the City Hall for the same reasons the complex was vilified. The building is located in the center of tourism area where major government buildings and landmarks, are located. The National Museum, Museum of the Filipino People and the Department of Tourism are located just south of the city hall. Rizal Park, the largest city park in the country is just south of the museums. The city hall is also located just outside the oldest and most historic part of the city of Manila - the walled city of Intramuros. .

Designed and planned by Antonio Toledo.

The clock tower has become a trademark for Manila and the city hall. At nighttime, the tower is illuminated with its details highlighted by beautiful lighting. Every hour, the bell is rung three times followed by a melody. It is recognized as the largest clock tower in the Philippines.

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