Monday, April 4, 2011

Netherlands - Den Haag/The Hague

Images of Den Haag or The Hague.

Sent by Ina, a postcrosser from the Netherlands.

This is from Wikipedia : The Hague (with capital T; Dutch: Den Haag, officially also 's-Gravenhage) is the third largest city in the Netherlands, after Amsterdam and Rotterdam, with a population of 485,818 (as of May 31, 2009) and an area of approximately 100 km². It is located in the west of the Netherlands, in the province of South Holland, of which it is also the provincial capital. The Hague is the centre of a conurbation called Haaglanden (population 1,011,459) and lies at the southwest corner of a larger conurbation called the Randstad.

The Hague is the seat of the Dutch parliament, government and Royal Court (but the city is not the capital of the Netherlands which is a role set aside in the Dutch constitution for Amsterdam). Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands lives and works in The Hague. All foreign embassies and government ministries are located in the city, as well as the Hoge Raad der Nederlanden (Supreme Court), the Raad van State (Council of State) and many lobbying organisations.

The Hague is also the de facto judicial capital of the United Nations, being the location of its primary judicial institutions.

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