Thursday, April 28, 2011

Russia - The Church of the Resurrection of Christ

St. Petersburg
The Church of the Resurrection of Christ
("Our Saviour-on-the-Spilt-Blood"). 1883 - 1907. A. Parland.

Sent by Marina, a postcrosser from Chişinău, Moldova.

"Also know as "The Church of the Bleeding" or Khram "Spasa na krovi" (in Russian), this extraordinary church is built directly on the sight of Alexander II's assassination. Hence the "Church of Spilled Blood." Built on orders of Alexander III to commemorate his father's death, it was closed for several years during the world wars and was subsequently used by the Communists for storage. Just recently, the church has been re-opened, (August 1997), after having undergone intense renovations to restore it's architectural beauty. The church is visible from the Kazan Bridge on Nevskiy Prospekt."(Source)

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