Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Uruguay - Suspiro's Route

Calle de los Suspiros or Suspiro's Route
Previously called Ansina's route, a very narrow stoned paved street. At both sides tipical houses belonging to the first half of 18th century.

Sent by Daniela from Uruguay.

"Probably the most photographed part of Colonia del Sacramento in Uruguay is the Calle de los Suspiros which can be literally translated as the 'Street of Sighs'.

There are different theories about how it got its name. One is that criminals used to get hung at the end of the street (no records to back this up so it can be dismissed). Another is that prostitutes used to line the street to tempt the sailors (where the sighs come in there are best left to your imagination), and a final one about a lover that was killed on this street and with her last breath (sigh) calling her partner (which I suspect was invented to try and romanticize the street)."(Source)

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