Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Germany - Mudau

View of Mudau.

Sent by Eva-Maria, a postcrosser from Germany.

This is from Wikipedia : Mudau is a municipality in the Neckar-Odenwald district, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. As of 2004 it has 5,099 inhabitants.

Mudau lies in the southeastern Odenwald mountains between the Neckar and Main rivers, 75 km southeast of Frankfurt am Main and 40 km northeast of Heidelberg. The area is heavily forested, resting on colored sandstone plateaus at 285 to 576 meters elevation, sloping downward to the Bauland region. Many streams originate in the area around Mudau, owing to its location on the Neckar-Main watershed; some have cut canyons as much as 200 meters deep into the sandstone. Streams considered significant are the Gabelbach, Mudbach, and Steinbächlein which flow into the Main, and the Reisenbach, Trienzbach, and Elz which flow into the Neckar.

Mudau is an officially recognized resort in the Naturpark-Neckartal-Odenwald.

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