Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Germany - Schauinsland

Schauinsland, Bergstation

Sent by Sabine, a WiP partner from Germany.

This is from Wikipedia : The Schauinsland (literally "look into the country"; near Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany), is a mountain in the Black Forest with an elevation of 1,284 m (4213 ft) above sea level.

The area is suitable for a number of outdoor adventurous activities including hiking, skiing and mountain biking. There is also a solar observatory nearby, a Global Atmosphere Watch monitoring station, and the Eugen-Keidel Tower. Especially in autumn, during temperature inversion, there is a nice view of the Vosges mountains from the top of the Schauinsland. Under appropriate weather conditions there is an excellent view of a large portion of the Swiss Alps.

The summit of the mountain can be reached on the Schauinslandbahn, a gondola lift that ascends from Horben. The lower station of this can be reached by bus route 21 from the terminus of Freiburg city tram route 2 at Günterstal. All three lines are operated by VAG Freiburg, the city transport operator for Freiburg.

There is also a 12 km (7.5 mile) long, twisty road leading up the mountain, which has been used for hillclimbing races. In some years, it also hosted the Großer Bergpreis von Deutschland, for example on September 27 1936 when it was won by Bernd Rosemeyer.

On 17 April 1936 a group of English pupils and their teacher Kenneth Keast were caught in a snow storm. They got lost, and five of them died. In 1938 the Engländerdenkmal of architect Hermann Alker (Karlsruhe) was erected by the Hitler Youth in commemoration.

For over 700 years lead, silver and zinc were mined in the area. Production ceased in 1954, but a museum and narrow gauge railway remain.

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