Thursday, November 24, 2011

Azure Jay (Cyanocorax caeruleus)

Gralha Azul or Azure Jay (Cyanocorax caeruleus).

Sent by Lucirene, a postcrosser from Curitiba in Brazil.

This is from Wikipedia : The Azure Jay (Cyanocorax caeruleus) (Brazilian Portuguese: Gralha-azul - blue jay) is a passeriform bird of the crow family Corvidae. It is found in the Atlantic Forest, especially with Araucaria angustifolia, in south-eastern Brazil (São Paulo to Rio Grande do Sul), far eastern Paraguay and far north-eastern Argentina. It is the state bird of Paraná.

The Azure Jay has a total length of approximately 40 cm (16 in) and it weighs about 270 grams (9.6 oz), and is the largest South American corvid. Its plumage is intensely blue with a contrasting black head and upper chest. Males and females are similar, although the females typically are smaller.

It feeds extensively on the nut-like seeds of Araucaria angustifolia, but it is not strictly limited to this, since it also feeds on insects and fruit. As other corvids, Azure Jays are highly intelligent. Their communication is complex, consisting of at least 14 distinct vocalizations. They form groups of 4 to 15 individuals that are well organized in hierarchies. These groups remain stable for up to two generations.

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