Friday, February 10, 2012

Finland - Ylivieska

Views of Ylivieska.

Sent by Kaki, a postcrosser from Finland.

This is from Wikipedia : Ylivieska is a town and a municipality of Northern Ostrobothnia region, Finland. It has a population of 14,094 (31 January 2011), and it serves as the administrative centre for Kalajokilaakso and Pyhäjokilaakso, an area with about 90,000 inhabitants.

Ylivieska is also the commercial center of the Oulu South region, the southern part of Oulu province.

The closest cities near Ylivieska are Oulu (130 km/81 mi) and Kokkola (79 km/49 mi), the neighbouring municipalities are Oulainen, Haapavesi, Nivala, Sievi, Kalajoki, Alavieska and Merijärvi.

The municipality is unilingually Finnish.

Ylivieska is located in Northern Ostrobothnia about 130 kilometres (80 mi) south of the city of Oulu.

The town is characterized by the Kalajoki River, which runs SE–NW through the town centre. The agricultural and economical area of the Kalajoki river basin is known as Kalajokilaakso.

Ylivieska is situated along the Ostrobothnia railway, which leads from Helsinki the national capital to Rovaniemi in the north of the country. The railway was opened 1886 and it has had a significant role in the town's economical development.

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