Thursday, March 15, 2012

Romania - St. Ana Monastery

St. Ana Monastery in Orsova, Romania.

Sent by Adrian, a postcrosser from Romania.

"The St. Ana Monastery placed on the Danube Gorge, one of the most beautiful parts of nature in our country. The Danube Gorge is full of Christ elements: trinity’s, churches, monasteries (Vodita, Mraconia, St Ana. The settlement is a convent of nuns monastic life in common with, located in Orsova, Mehedinti county, and who has the dedication feast of St. Anna, commemorated on 25 iulie. St. Ana Monastery is located on the crest of the hill Mosul, which dominates the town of Orsova. This monastery has a special history, being founded by the famous journalist Pamfil Seicaru, who fought in the area as a young lieutenant. What caused him to rise a monastery is a random spent during the war, which deeply chance. In autumn 1916, on the hill, the journalist was covered with earth, along with his fellow, Petre Gavanescu, by an artillery shell at very short distance from them. (Source)"

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