Thursday, April 26, 2012

Australia - Plumed Whistling-Duck

Plumed Whistling-Duck (Dendrocygna eytoni).

Sent by Vikki, a postcrosser from Sydney, Australia.

This is from Wikipedia : The Plumed Whistling Duck (Dendrocygna eytoni), also called the Grass Whistle Duck , is a whistling duck which breeds in New Guinea and Australia. It is a predominantly brown-coloured duck with a long neck and characteristic plumes arising from its flanks. The sexes are similar in appearance.

Described by English naturalist Thomas Campbell Eyton in 1838, its specific epithet honours its namer. Its generic name is derived from the Ancient Greek terms dendron "tree", and kuknos (via Latin cygnus) "swan". Alternate common names include; Eyton's Plumed, Red-legged or Whistling Tree-duck, and Grey or Red-legged Whistler
Measuring 42–60 cm (16.5–24 in) and weighing around a kilogram, it is a long-necked duck with brown upperparts, paler underparts and a white rump. The chest is chestnut with thin black bars, while long black-margined plumes arise from its flanks. Its bill and legs are pink, and its iris is yellow. The male and female are similar in appearance. The species has a characteristic lowered neck and short, dark, rounded wings while flying.

The call is a characteristic whistle which gives the bird its common name.

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C N Kruger said...

Nice stamp! I love stamp collecting and also love ducks. So I'll be sure to keep an eye out for this one.