Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Netherlands - Ermelo

Multiviews of Ermelo.

Sent by Tirca, a postcrosser from Ermelo, Netherlands.

This is from Wikipedia : Ermelo (Dutch Low SaxonArmelo or Armel) is a municipality and a town in the Netherlands, in the province of Gelderland in theVeluwe area with a population of over 26.000.
Ermelo comes from "lo" woods and "irmin" for which several explanations are given. Some of those are "great", "divine" or it refers to an old Germanic god called Irmin.

The town has been known to exist since at least 855, when the name Irminlo first appeared in a legal document. Human presence in the area goes back further however, with many archaeological finds of the Bell-Beaker culture having been made in the area.
For a long time the town most likely consisted of little more than a few farms and some other buildings like a windmill and a churchand it didn't really grow much until the 19th century; in the year 1830 a road was made to make this part of the Veluwe more accessible and at the end of the 19th century the town got a train station. Because the trainstation was some distance away from the town centre a road was constructed, the Stationsstraat, which is now considered to be the centre of the town. After the second world war a shortage of houses resulted in a rapid growth of Ermelo. In 1973 Nunspeet became its own separate municipality after having been part of Ermelo before. In 2005, Ermelo celebrated its 1150 year long existence. Various artists from across the country performed during the festivities. A classic windmill dating from 1863 located in the town centre, named De Koe (The Cow), partially burned down in 1990 after having been hit by lightning, but was restored to working order in late 2008. A nightclub moved out due to the complete renovation.

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