Friday, April 26, 2013

Japan - Okinawa (1)

Hatenohama Beach / Kumejima Island
A sand-covered deserted island that floats east of Kumejima Island. The world of white sand and azure blue sea and sky stretches on forever.

Sent by Okinawa Convention & Visitors Bureau (OCVB).

The Okinawa Islands (沖縄諸島 Okinawa Shotō?) are an island group in Okinawa Prefecture, Japan, and are the principal island group of the prefecture. The Okinawa Islands are part of the larger Ryukyu Islands group, and are located between the Amami Islands ofKagoshima Prefecture to the northeast and the Sakishima Islands of Okinawa Prefecture to the southwest.

The Okinawa Islands, apart from the four main islands, contain three smaller island groups: the KeramaYokatsu, and Iheya-Izena island groups.
The Okinawa Islands are the political, cultural and population center of Okinawa Prefecture. The prefectural capital of Naha is within the island group. 90% of the population of the prefecture reside within the Okinawa Islands, primarily on the largest island of the group,Okinawa Island. Access to the various Okinawa Island is primarily via small airports which connect to Okinawa Airport. Additionally, the islands are connected via ferry service to the Port of Naha in the prefectural capital.
The Okinawa Islands are within the subtropical climate zone, which supports the production of sugarcanepineapples and cut flowers. The military bases of the United States in Okinawa Prefecture are located on the Okinawa Islands.
Historically the rule of the Ryūkyū Kingdom roughly overlapped the Okinawa Islands and Amami Ōshima. (Source)

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