Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Kyrgyzstan - Khan Tengri

Khan Tengri Peak 6995 metres. View from the Dikiy Pass.

Sent by Alexander of Russia who visited Kyrgyzstan.

Khan Tengri or Hantengri Peak (Uyghur: خانتەڭرى‎, Chinese: 汗腾格里峰; pinyin: Hànténggélǐ Fēng) is a mountain of the Tian Shan mountain range. It is located on the China—Kyrgyzstan—Kazakhstan border, east of lake Issyk Kul. Its geologic elevation is 6,995 m (22,949 ft), but its glacial cap rises to 7,010 m (22,999 ft). For this reason, in mountaineering circles, including for the Soviet Snow Leopard award criteria, it is considered a 7000-metre peak. The name "Khan Tengri" literally means "King Heaven" in Uyghur and possibly references the deity Tengri. In some other local languages, it is known as Khan Tangiri ShyngyKan-Too ChokusuPik Khan-Tengry, and Hantengri Feng.
Khan Tengri is the second-highest mountain in the Tian Shan, surpassed only by Jengish Chokusu (formerly known as Peak Pobeda) (7439 m). Khan Tengri is the highest point in Kazakhstan and the third-highest peak in Kyrgyzstan, after Jengish Chokusu (7,439  m) and Pik Lenina (7,134 m). It is also the world's most northern 7000 m peak, notable because peaks of high latitude have a shorter climbing season, generally more severe weather and thinner air. (read further)

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