Thursday, July 11, 2013

Netherlands - Groningen - Leek

Multiviews of Leek.

Sent by Alma, a postcrosser from Leek, Groningen,the Netherlands.

Leek ([leɪ̯k] Gronings: De Laik; West Frisian: De Like) is a municipality and a village in the Groningen province in the northeastern Netherlands, bordering on the Drenthe and Fryslân provinces.
The village is approximately 20 km west of Groningen (city) on the A7 (E22) highway.
The village grew around a fortification that was constructed here during the Eighty Years' War with Spain. The name 'Leek' was derived from a brook, the "Leke". The town is sometimes also called "The Leek". In Dutch the people from Leek are called "Leeksters".
Every year around pentecost there is a fair (Pinkstermarkt), drawing thousands of people from the area.
Near the village is a shallow lake, called "Het Leekstermeer" (also called Zulthemeer), with recreational facilities. Actually, the lake is in another municipality and in another province. (read further)

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