Friday, October 11, 2013

South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands - Grytviken

Photographs clockwise from left :
Sir Ernest Shackleton's grave;
Mt. Sugartop above Grytviken;
King penguins and abandoned sealing vessels;
Grytviken Church;
South Georgia Museum and the buildings of the derelict whaling station;
Four ton elephant seal bull with harem.

Sent by Sarah of South Georgia Museum from Grytviken, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands

Grytviken (Swedish for "The Pot Cove") is the principal settlement in the British territory of South Georgia in the South Atlantic. It was so named in 1902 by the Swedish surveyor Johan Gunnar Andersson who found old English try pots used to render seal oil at the site. It is the best harbour on the island, consisting of a bay (King Edward Cove) within a bay (Cumberland East Bay). The site is quite sheltered, provides a substantial area of flat land suitable for building, and has a good supply of fresh water. (read further)

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