Thursday, April 24, 2014

Russia - Jewish Autonomous Oblast - Birobidzhan

Views of Birobidzhan.

Sent by Natalia from Birobidzhan,  Russia.

Birobidzhan (RussianБиробиджанIPA: [bʲɪrəbʲɪˈdʐan]Yiddishביראָבידזשאַן) is a town and the administrative center of the Jewish Autonomous OblastRussia, located on the Trans-Siberian Railway, close to the border with China. Population: 75,413 (2010 Census); 77,250 (2002 Census); 83,667 (1989 Census).
The town is named after the two largest rivers in the autonomous oblast: the Bira and the Bidzhan, although only the Bira flows through the town, which lies to the east of the Bidzhan Valley. Both rivers are tributaries of the Amur. (read further)

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