Thursday, June 19, 2014

Kazakhstan - Astana

Astana, Kazakstan
The Ak Orda Presidential Palace

Sent by Ainagul from Astana, Kazakhstan.

Astana (KazakhАстана), formerly known as Akmola  (Kazakh: Ақмола / Aqmola) until 1998, Tselinograd (Russian:Целиноград) until 1992 and Akmolinsk (RussianАкмолинск) until 1961), has been the capital of Kazakhstan since 1997, and is the country's second largest city (after Almaty, the former capital) with an officially estimated population of 814,401 as of 1 January 2014. It is located in the north portion of Kazakhstan, within Akmola Province, though administrated separately from the province as a federal city area. (read further)

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