Saturday, June 7, 2014

Russia - Krasnoyarsk Krai

View of Krasnoyarsk Pillar.

Sent by Ol'ka from Krasnoyarsk, Russia.

Krasnoyarsk Krai (RussianКрасноя́рский крайtr. Krasnoyarsky krayIPA: [krəsnɐˈjærskʲɪj kraj]) is a federal subject of Russia (a krai). It is the second largest federal subject after the Sakha Republic, Russia's largest krai and the third largest subnational governing body by area in the world, occupying an area of 2,339,700 square kilometers (903,400 sq mi), which is 13% of the country's total territory. The administrative center of the krai is the city of Krasnoyarsk. Population: 2,828,187 (2010 Census). (read further)

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